Add your logo to a QR code

To make your QR code standout even more you can add your own logo to the QR code you’re creating with the SQR QR generator. To do this follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the QR generator and pick a QR type you want to create. You can also edit a QR code from your QR dashboard.

  2. After you filled in the details of your QR code look for the “Add a logo” and click on it to open the uploader and logo settings.

  3. Now you can upload your logo and play around with the slider below the uploader to select the perfect size of your logo.

If you add a custom logo to your QR code it could be that it’s inscanable this happens when you customise a QR code to much. To make sure you’re QR code works even after you customise your QR code we have implementen ”Quality settings“ if you increase this number your QR code is more likely to work after customisation. Read more about the quality settings here.

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