Customise a QR code

With the SQR QR generator you can fully customise your QR codes and make them really unique to the style of your brand so your customers will easily recognise it your QR code they are scanning.

We will explain the different style settings we have currently have intergrated below.


Here you can select the style of your QR code currently SQR offers 3 different styles, Square, Dots, and Round. Select the different types and see a direct preview of the style in the QR code you’re creating.

Foreground type

In this section your can choose of you want a flat color for your QR code or if you want a nice and smooth gradient color for your QR code.

Foreground color

If you have chosen the a flat color in the foreground section for you QR code, you will see the foreground color picker pop up, click the color to choose any color your want to make your QR code. We recommend not to make your color to light unless you pick a dark color as a background color. You can also set the transparantie of the background of your QR code here.

Foreground gradient style

If you have chosen the gradient style in the foreground section you will see a dropdown where you can select the different style of gradient. In the preview you can really see what is the difference per style so play around with it until you find one that you like.

You will also see two new color pickers to select the first and the second color of your gradient style QR code. You can also set the transparantie of the background of your QR code here.

Custom eyes color

In this section you can control the color of the bigger squares in the corner. If you have chosen for a gradient QR code and set the custom eye colors to no your eyes color will also have the nice smooth gradient you’ve created.

If you want to edit the colors of the QR eyes you can set the dropdown to yes and edit the inner and outer color of the QR eyes.

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